Peru: M.D Oscar Patiño wins gold for his invention, created a device that facilitates the process of tracheotomy.

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On the video he is saying: Why the actual device causes side effects after a tracheotomy not letting you speak , bleeds you, suffering pain? So, He created a new device which is not inserted at all , but holds on your trachea without side effects.

Peru: M.D Oscar Patiño wins gold for his invention, created a device that facilitates the process of tracheotomy.

Oscar Patino (72) created a device that facilitates the process of tracheotomy.He was awarded next with a nuclear power plant projects and a Korean university

As we reported yesterday (, was not one but two Peruvian participants in theWorld of Inventions held in Geneva under the auspices of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Which gained great notoriety was Sixto Ramos (65), a blind engineer who won bronze in the mechanical category for his "force multiplier system."

But he had not spoken much so far is the second national competitor, the surgeon Oscar Patino Melgar, 72, who earned the right to show his invention in Switzerland after winning the 2011 national contest with inventions Indecopi an ingenious device.

Patiño Melgar, Almenara hospital doctor, developed the "* Cannula tracheotomy *", which allows the process of tracheostomy a safe, less complicated and without causing damage to the airways. After participating in the five days of the exhibition in Geneva, Oscar Patino was awarded the gold medal in Class M, ie in the category medicine.


"We had hoped but not much optimism, frankly, because monsters competing with Asian and European universities," says the Peruvian doctor via the telephone line. And no wonder, because those "monsters" had extremely valuable creations but as important as yours.

The "trach" was awarded in its category with a project of the Russian nuclear power to detect disease and another invention from the University of South Korea that allows early detection of glaucoma. "It is my honor to have won the same distinction that these large institutions," he said with humility and pride.

"At the show competed thousand inventions from around the world and in the category of medicine were more than 100" Well said in a statement excited. "Most competitors were prestigious universities or recognized groups very famous," he said. Before them all, won the invention of surgical surgeon.


Patino, who has worked for many years as Head of Head and Neck Guillermo Almenara Hospital, said his invention was created because of the paradox that life-saving tracheostomy but after a while hurts your health. "The patient can not swallow or speak normally and produce anatomical injuries," he said.

This happens, he explains, because the tube must always be within the trachea."So what I did was to develop a device that no longer goes into the tracheal tube but is fixed in the anterior wall of the trachea, so that it is impossible to produce internal injury and the patient can eat and speak without risk" he said.


The Directorate of Inventions and New Technologies of Indecopi awarded last March 6 the utility model patent for "tracheotomy cannula," Dr. Oscar Patino.

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