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Albert Einstein once said "In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity."  I have this quote outside my office door because I know this to be true:  The only times in our lives that we learn, change and grow is when an

What counseling is...and what it is not

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 Many years ago, when I was a relatively new counselor, a student came into my office and immediately asked, "Where's the couch?"  I laughed and replied, "In my living room!"  While this was certainly a fine way to "break the ice," so to speak, it reminded me that there are a lot of people who--through no fault of their own--have no idea what counseling is really all

Why do people seek counseling?

Attending college can have a profound effect on one's life.  It is a time of personal growth and development that has the potential for producing both short and long range achievements.  It is also a period of significant adjustment, whether you are coming to college directly from high school, or as an older adult student who has been away from school for a while.  Regardless of your unique

The Top Ten Reasons People Why Avoid Counseling

"Tell me why you hate your mother."
Jeez...If a therapist who looked like him said that to me, I'd be totally freaked out and would avoid counseling, too. 

As I explained earlier in what counseling is and what it is not, people have deeply-rooted opinions about counseling...most of them based on the opinions of others and not necessarily from personal experience.  Here's the top ten reasons